About us

We are a small family business and we started our retail business in 2008 without an online store. We've built up long lasting relationships with American and Asian suppliers over the years. We work with suppliers who strive for innovation and improvement. We motivate and encourage suppliers to improve products in order to adapt them to our customer requirements and expectations. We value customer ideas and special requests. We offer the best standards and processing methods. We offer an easy to navigate website where personal information is protected and customers can shop safely. We make sure that customers get the best quality for their money. We offer competitive products and prices. Our products are dispatched within 1 - 2 working days, so it can be expected that the products will arrive as soon as possible. Every order comes with a return form that makes it easy to return unwanted products.

Our story

Years ago, with the upcome of extensions and hair replacement systems, it was very expensive and almost impossible for a young person to afford such luxury. Knowing friends and family having hair problems. We felt it was unfair and outrages, that only people with money could afford to look good. It also wasn’t possible to get the products to do your hair at home, with products like simple clip-in extensions or to find a toupee for thinning hair either. Buying a wig was also very costly (not to talk about human hair products) and if you wanted to have something affordable, it had to be bought abroad. Wig stores and hairdressers were and still are very expensive. So many people buy their wigs or toupees online and ended-up with products that were very cheap looking and awfully made. That was when we decided to look around and find out how we can help people with thinning hair, baldness or people who just like changing their look at a reasonable price. We went through a lot ups and downs with suppliers and learned a lot in the process. Now after all these years, we’d like to offer our services and make it easier for you to buy products online and get exactly what you see and not some fake product.